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Dixons Newall Green Academy

Dixons Newall Green Academy Transition Day at The University of Manchester 2023

Posted 5th July 2023 by Stephen Garvey

At Dixons Newall Green Academy, we believe in preparing our students for a successful transition from primary school to secondary school. As part of this important process, we organised a special transition day at the University of Manchester for our future Year 7 students (the Class of 2028), who will be joining us in September.

The purpose of the Transition Day was to provide our students with a glimpse of what lies ahead in their educational journey and to inspire them to aim high. We wanted them to experience the university environment, meet their future teachers and classmates, and gain valuable insights into Dixons Newall Green Academy.

“The academy ensured that all students succeeded at university, or a real alternative, and lived a fulfilling life.”

The day started bright and early, with all staff members gathered to register the children and ensure their safety. Once the students were organised into groups, we boarded coaches and set off for the University of Manchester.

Upon arrival at the Engineering Building, the students were seated in their allocated groups. The first session of the day was led by the principal, Stephen Garvey. He warmly welcomed the students and shared our expectations for the upcoming year.

After the initial session, the students had the opportunity to explore the university campus through guided tours led by the University of Manchester’s Student Ambassadors. Students then embarked on an exciting journey, discovering the various faculties, facilities, and study spaces offered by the University. These tours allowed them to envision themselves as university students and fostered a sense of aspiration and possibility.

Following the campus tours, Emma, a representative from the university, delivered a captivating presentation. She provided valuable insights into university life, highlighting the benefits and opportunities that await our students in higher education. This session aimed to motivate them to strive for academic excellence and pursue their passions beyond secondary school.

After a well-deserved lunch break, the students regrouped for the second round of sessions. This time, groups swapped activities, with some participating in campus tours while others attended the university presentation. This ensured that all students had the chance to benefit from the diverse range of experiences offered throughout the day.

In the afternoon, the students reconvened for an engaging session, titled "Two Questions that will change your life". Led by Sophie Galloway, the session helped students to delve into thought-provoking discussions about personal growth and self-reflection, encouraging the students to think deeply about their aspirations and the steps needed to achieve them.

We are grateful to all the staff members who organised and facilitated this trip, as well as the University of Manchester for graciously hosting us. We are confident that the experiences and insights gained during the Transition Day will serve as a strong foundation for our students as they embark on their educational journey with us. We look forward to welcoming the Class of 2028 in September and supporting them as they climb their mountain at Dixons Newall Green Academy.