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Dixons Newall Green Academy

Work Commences: Introducing Dixons Newall Green Academy - Opening September 2023

Posted 2nd July 2023 by Stephen Garvey

Welcome, 欢迎 (Huānyíng) and Bienvenido!

I am thrilled to share the exciting news that our temporary building is now being erected, a visible sign of our progress and readiness for welcoming our first ever cohort (the class of 2028) on 6 September.

Sophie Galloway (left) Stephen Garvey (middle) Kate Henney (right)
Work commences on our temporary building
Sophie standing in our temporary Science / Art room

As work progresses on the site, I want to start sharing our journey and thinking with you.

To start, our primary goal is to ensure that every student acquires the knowledge, skills, and positive behaviours necessary to achieve their full potential. We firmly believe that hard work and dedication are essential ingredients for success, and we are committed to going above and beyond to support our students on their educational journey.

Drawing inspiration from Dan Pink's book "Drive," we have adopted the principles of Mastery, Autonomy, and Purpose as key drivers of our educational approach.

Motivation plays a crucial role in the academic and personal development of our students. Motivation fuels students' desire to learn, explore new ideas, and persist in the face of challenges. When students are motivated, they exhibit higher levels of engagement, focus, and effort, leading to improved academic performance and a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

In "Drive," Dan Pink emphasises three key elements that drive motivation: autonomy, mastery, and purpose. Autonomy refers to the need for students to have a sense of control and ownership over their learning. When students are given the freedom to make choices, set goals, and explore their interests, they become more invested in their education. This autonomy instils a sense of responsibility and empowers them to take ownership of their learning journey.

Mastery relates to the desire for students to develop competence and achieve mastery in their areas of interest. When students are provided with challenging yet attainable tasks, and when they receive constructive feedback and support, they experience a sense of progress and growth. This intrinsic motivation drives them to persist, practice, and improve their skills, fostering a love for learning and a pursuit of excellence.

Purpose refers to the understanding of how students' education connects to something larger than themselves. When students see the relevance and meaning of their studies, and how their learning contributes to personal growth and the betterment of society, they are more likely to be motivated and engaged.

“Developing a sense of purpose helps students find intrinsic value in their education, leading to greater enthusiasm and commitment.”

By understanding and implementing the principles of autonomy, mastery, and purpose, we aim to cultivate an environment that nurtures and sustains student motivation. This, in turn, can lead to enhanced learning outcomes, increased resilience, and a lifelong love for learning. Developing intrinsic motivation is about unlocking students' full potential and fostering their success in the classroom and beyond.

I invite you all to join us on this journey as we prepare to open the doors of Dixons Newall Green Academy.

Stay tuned for future updates.