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Dixons Newall Green Academy

Homework and Stretch

Homework is an important learning habit, and at Dixons Newall Green.

Evidence from the Education Endowment Foundation shows that completing homework can add 5 months of progress for students, so it is crucial that it is completed.

The main homework which is due Tuesday - Friday is Read, Cover, Write, Check homework based on knowledge organisers (documents containing the key knowledge for each subject). This is to embed the habit of regular revision, and the knowledge links to what students are studying during lessons, and quizzes in our Morning Meetings every day. Students have to read, cover, write out and check with green pen a specified section of the knowledge organiser of a specific subject each day on a page of A4 lined paper from their refill pad, which we have provided.

You can check what section and subject are due when on the homework timetable, which is also summarised below.

The success criteria are as follows:

  • Full name, advisory and subject at the top of the page
  • Writing on every line; no lines skipped
  • Green pen - checking and changing
  • Correct subject and section completed
  • When there are two subjects, a line drawn to separate the subjects rather than a line skipped

Monday - Stretch and Sparx Maths

Tuesday - English

Wednesday - Spanish and Mandarin (half a page of each)

Thursday - Science

Friday - Geography and History (half a page of each)

Stretch homework is set on a Monday each week in Stretch and is due the following Monday. It is preparation for an independent presentation on a topic they find interesting.

Sparx maths is an online maths homework programme which is set every Monday for the following Monday. The first Sparx homework will be set on 25/9/23.

Students have been taken through the Read, Cover, Write, Check process several times, and if they are still unsure, they should attend homework club - which runs after school every day - or speak to their advisor.

Students are also expected to complete 30 minutes of independent reading per day. Please record the page number your child is up to in their planner.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any support with homework.